Burt Shonberg was born in Revere, Massachusetts on March 30, 1933. After completing high school, Burt joined the U.S. Army in 1950 and spent two years serving his country. While in the Army Burt painted murals in the mess hall and was immediately recognized as a talented “artist”. Burt attended the Boston Musuem of Fine Arts and the Los Angeles Art Center from 1953 to 1955. After Art school Burt traveled to Los Angeles in 1957 and met the talented writer, George Clayton Johnson. Burt and George Clayton Johnson partnered in a venture opening a coffee house in Laguna Beach, California called Cafe Frankenstein (on the web). Burt and George became close friends. George was later to become one of television’s top writers with his scripts being used by many of TVs very popular programs during the 60s. Burt continued on his art career painting murals for various night clubs, restaurants, and coffe houses, then on to painting some of the most prolific pieces ever to be seen in the art world. Some of these paintings have graced the covers of musical artists of the 60s – 80s, including Arthur Lee & Love, Mike Finnigan & Jerry Wood (Crazed Hiptsters album), and the band Spirit’s famous “Spirit of 76 -Tampa Jam Electro Jam – From The Time Coast”.  Burt had one major showcase of his works in 1968 produced by George Greif in Los Angeles at which time all of the paintings were sold. Burt’s art is owned by many Hollywood celebrities and other people in the show business industry. 

Burt Shonberg passed away peacefully at his home in Seal Beach, California in the summer of 1977.