Burt Shonberg (left) and Doug Myres (right) - 1958

Owners of Cafe Frankenstein along with George Clayton Johnson - Laguna Beach, California

Cafe Frankenstein - circa 1958 - outside paintings by Burt Shonberg - Laguna Beach, California

Painting by Burt Shonberg outside of a bookstore in Laguna Beach owned by Connie Vining and Michael Schley

who took over ownership of Cafe Frankenstein in 1960

The above three photos courtesy of dumb angel magazine blogspot

Burt Shonberg with friends circa 1961

Burt Shonberg and Marshall Berle - Tampa FL - 1975

Ledru Shoopman Baker III and Marshall Berle - Los Angeles CA - 1978

Stanley Dyrector holding one of his Burt Shonberg paintings - photographed by Rian Jarvis

Burt Shonberg (aka "Jack Bond") at a Spirit concert backstage in Tempe AZ 1976

Burt Shonberg painting mural on Sunset Blvd - Hollywood - circa 1962

Burt Shonberg (aka "Jack Bond") backstage at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium at Spirit concert circa - 1977

Burt Shonberg - sitting in front of his masterpiece "Seated Figure And A Cosmic Train" - 1965